Monday, May 31, 2010

Addisyn's birthday present from Uncle Burns

1. you must have tissue available
2. you must have tissue available
3. Im not kidding

Copy and Paste the link below into your browsers address box. My brother created this for Addisyn. We will have this forever and it is so special.The song playing for this video is what was playing in the OR when they delivered her out of my belly!

Addisyn loved the cake..cant you tell?

Addisyns 1st Birthday Party!

For Addisyn's first birthday party we celebrated with a backyard splish splash Luau theme! Jeremy and Kimmy came for a slumber party the night before and Addi and Ellia had a blast!It was too fun and we were so excited to share this celebration with family and friends! My brother took some awesome photos, but for now, these will have to suppress your photographical appetite for magic! ;)

May 16, 2010

Addisyn's First Birthday was Sunday, May 16 2010. Uncle Burns, Phil and I celebrated by taking her to lunch at Apetitos (she had some beans/rice but no margarita!) and then we took her to a local spot for her One Year Photos! Burns as usual did the most amazing job. I feel so lucky to have a brother and an uncle to Addi who will capture all her moments throughout life! Thank you Burns!

Long time no blog!

I have no excuse other than the last two months have been crazy busy for us! I recently got a new job, I am now the Assistant Director of the Eldorado Montessori School in Frisco, Tx. It is an amazing job and Addisyn will be joining me there in August to attend school! We are truly blessed as I think this will be a great experience for her! Phil was recently promoted within Target and has alot more storewide facility management responsibilities and hopes to move up into the District portion as soon as possible! And last but not least, in fact only the biggest part of this year so far.. Our little beans turned the big '1' ! I cannot believe my baby is not such a baby any more! I hope you enjoy some of the photos from the last two months and I promise to be more of a 'blogger' because I can only imagine all the changes and adventures in store for us in the rest of 2010!