Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Dark Knight

Tonight we went to see The Dark Knight. This movie was amazing. It was so good to see another all time favorite! Batman! Christian Bale and Heath Ledger are absolutely breathtaking in their roles. The late Heath Ledger was sooo good and really took on the dark twisted role of the Joker. All characters in the movie kept you on the edge of your seat. I think we jumped and said "ahh" about 8 times in the movie because there is so much action and even creepy at several points. This is not something you should wait to rent, you must see it on the big screen or you won't be able to appreciate the effects... We gotta get ourselves a batmobile!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Housebound and keeping busy

Time sure does fly, or does it? One minute we are going 90 miles an hour and the next I am counting down until we are closer to the next.... by this I mean WE ARE BEYOND ready to get out of this apartment and have a home, and so are the dogs! Our lease isn't up until February, which is good because this means we really have sometime to look, but where should we live? I am familiar with the entire Dallas area and Phil is still somewhat new to his surroundings. Wherever we pick needs to be a good school district for children, good property value for resale, and of course a safe area for us to live.... ahhhh the joys of adulthood, we all wanted to be adults with decisions and responsibilities... well here it is! I know everything happens for a reason and we will move/find the right home for our family... as I type this Bailey just whipped around and gave me the "you better" look... I think sometimes she reads our minds, but thats another blog!

I think we are both living in a fantasy dream of finding a home like our home in Tulsa. It was unique. It had some minor adjustments and renovations, but that's what we loved about it! We want a nice home, but not too nice... a new home but not too new... something we can remodel and upgrade into something unique and different...but we will see.

Phil seems happy at Target and the hours are nice. We are so glad to be with a decent company while he finishes school. He had a small set back, but due to start school back up within the next two weeks. (see and if we had a house he could have a nice study to get quiet time!) Omni is treating me well, its really busy season and with the economy like it is, Omni is in overdrive promoting their hotels. My boss is teaching me so much and calls me her rising star. She along with one other woman in our department are truly women to envy. They are both so smart and quick on their feet, always going and always innovative. I only hope I can be half of what they have become! Go Joy & Liesl!

Well i suppose this is all for this blog. I am not used to blogging, ( hence the 2 month gap in blogs) so bear with me!