Friday, January 22, 2010

Its a rough life being so darn cute

I can't explain how much I see our little girl growing and changing each day. Her personality has become quite independent and curious. For awhile she wanted to be where we were, be held and was completley content sitting in our laps with a toy or just us... but oh how times have changed, just in the past few days we have noticed that all she wants to do is explore, crawl and find her own toys/things to entertain her. She doesnt want to hang out in our arms (tear) and she has all sorts of new serious inquiring facial expressions, as well as dance moves.. yeah she dances but of course as soon as I get the camera out, she forgets her moves.. go figure!It is really cute so I am still on a mission to catch it on camera! You will also notice her new nap position. This mornings nap was normal as any other day but i could hear her talking to her self... so i peaked in and at first I sorta panicked, b/c I could see her sitting in this weird position, and then I just laughed b/c I realized she had fallen asleep sitting up and apparently didnt care to lay down! too funny!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Reservation for One

Addi recently inherited her cousin's play table, and its all the rave in this house!! Come, sit, and join Addi for some fun!

Family and Friends

This past weekend we had a visit from Addi's Noni and Papa B, Aunt CiCi and Isabella. The weekend was full of memories with Addi and Izzy, playtime with Noni and Papa B, bath, breakfast, etc. It was great to have them here and enjoying "Addi's world!" Sunday morning our great friends Jeff and Whitney brough a Happy New Year brunch over for the family to enjoy. They made an Egg Strata, waffles, Sausage, Bacon, and I contributed a fruit platter full of berries, bananas, and apples. It put us in a wonderful sleepy food coma for the rest of the day! LOL Its such a blessing to have all of these little miracles in our lives, healthy, happy and truly loved by us all! Enjoy!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

She crawled into the New Year

About a week ago I was in the office getting ready for work, Addisyn WAS on the floor in front of me playing with a toy. In a split second I look down and she has crawled across the room to my weights. She has always been intriqued by the bright orange and red.. and apparently this was enough to start her first crawl! I was so excited! I of course had to hold my gasp and comments and quietly teared up as I watched in silence at my daughter's concentration. I realized once again just how amazing every little part of their development is and how she never ceases to take my breath away! By the time Daddy got home from work we were meeting him at the door, and she put a little hop in her crawl when it was Daddy at the end of the trail! It was a nice suprise for him to come home to and a moment we shared together that will always be special! With that being said, I didnt get around to video-ing her performance until yesterday! But as you will see she is still mastering the art of crawling. She even gets up on her legs, locked straight out and does a bear crawl! She has recently discovered a new found interest in Hurley's tennis ball! Watch how she hops her butt up in the air and gets really serious about the tennis ball! It seems crawling is just one of many new traits we are seeing in our daughter. She is continually talking up a storm, beginning to understand yes and no and meeting us standing up in her cribs in the morning! She cant wait to stand and walk, but we can, she is growing too fast!What a delightful way to bring in our 2010! We can't wait to see what this year has in store for us!