Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Her new Favorite Face

Addisyn has an old but born again new favorite face, and for some reason, everytime I point the camera her way, here is what we get... lil stinker! She also has a sound with it, but I have yet to catch it on Video!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

An unexpected, but WONDERFUL visit

This weekend Phil Sr and Keba (also known to you as Noni and Papa)stopped by to see us on their way home from an emergency visit to see Keba's brother, Phillip, in the hospital in Houston. Our prayers are with him as he recovers from some life threatening issues. We hope and pray for Peace in his life and health.

Although under horrible circumstances, we were thrilled to see them and happy to be a part of Papa B's first Corvette purchase (will there be more??? Keba with a matching vette??????) !!!!! It is SUCH a cool car and Phil Sr definitely deserves this for all 20+ years of service to his community and the ongoing amazing role he plays in the Ballard Family. Phil Jr, Myself and my brother Burns got a test drive, and I, myself was a little shaken after 'dropping the hammer!' (yes straight orders from Phil Sr.)

That being said, our little dare devil daughter was just a little too comfortable in the corvette at such a young age.... hmmmmmm

It was a wonderful visit, lots of fun, and we met up with my parents and brother for lunch on their way out of town! It was really great to get everyone together!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fun Videos!

She is changing so much and her personality is so much fun! We love to watch her with the walker and her new favorite...playing 'Im gonna get you' with daddy!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fun with the Webcam

Aunt Cici and Uncle P (Christyand Preston) bought Addisyn a webcam so that we may skype/see the family as much as we can over the web.(thank you again guys!) Its been alot of fun watching all the girls respond to seeing everyone on the computer! Addisyn loves to see herself in the mirror and so you can only imagine the excitement of seeing herself on the computer.. enjoy! And I apologize in advance for my daughter attacking the duck... we're teething folks!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

sharing the cuteness!

just a cute video!

Uncle Burns

This past weekend we went out to Burns apartment and enjoyed homemade pizza (mom you rock) and a movie. Addisyn LOVES her uncle Burns and spent the better part of the evening completely content sitting in his lap playing with his car keys. If you will notice in one of the pics she has her eyes closed with a grin.. we have no clue where this came from but this is her newest face. she will make a grr noise, close her eyes and wave her hands in a 'come here' motion... The pictures were too cute not to share and I cant believe how fast she is growing!

Groovin right along!

Addisyn is such a busy bee these days. Her exploring skills are fun to keep up with! She wants to be a part of everything and continues to capture our hearts along the way. She LOVES to help mommy reorganize the house, from her clothes to dishes and even her books! She even helps Papa work on his computer! We are doing our best to keep up! Look out world!