Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Time!!!

Addisyn was a big help with our decorations this year! She LOVED the lights, tree, ornaments and even our little village of houses on the mantle! I cant wait to see her reaction to all the christmas fun this year and to make our memories with our baby girl on her first christmas! These are the moments and I cant believe how fast time flies!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This video was taken a few weeks ago, but I just realized I had not posted it! Addisyn was being super silly and so funny! She loves her Uncle Burns and always shows off big time when he comes to visit! As usual, she is the best entertainment in the world and I am still amazed at how in love you can be with a child and the amount of joy they bring into your life!!

An Old Fashioned Sink Bath!

The other night Addisyn had a little too much fun with her green beans and we decided to do her bath in the kitchen sink for something fun and different! It was a blast b/c she was up high with us and loved being able to splash and grab at the kitchen sink! I absolutely LOVE bath time with Addisyn, these are truly some of the most magical moments with her. Everything is a new discovery!

Ryder's 4th Birthday

This past Saturday after our Garage Sale we headed out to BOUNCE U in Plano Texas to celebrate our nephews 4th birthday! This place was AWESOME! I am not kidding when I say I am seriously considering having Phil and Addisyn's birthday here next May b/c He had just as much fun as the kids! Who doesnt like bounce houses? The boys had a great time and Ryder was a blast to watch! The amusement on these kids faces can be priceless!

Addis' first Garage Sale

This past saturday we held a Garage Sale. Addisyn was quite the sales girl with her big dough eyes drawing the customers in to buy our stuff! The turnout was great and although the day started off slow and a little cool, we had a blast together as a family in our garage! Now who wouldnt want to come see this beautiful lil thing and buy a few household items! LOL

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Addi's First Halloween

Addisyn had a GREAT first Halloween! My parents neighborhood had a 'Monster Mile" which consisted of a mile of the main road being blocked off and booths/activities/people in costumes handing out candy/ and settings to take pictures. Mom,Dad, Burns and our good friends Jeff and Whitney Couch and Todd and Katie Messerle were along for the fun! Jeff and Whitney's baby Tyler Nicholas is 9 weeks old and Todd and Katie have been blessed with triplets: Andrew, Matthew, and Claire. We had quite the group of strollers and of course the cutest babies in the neighborhood!

As it has been cold all week I assumed we would be enjoying a nice brisk Halloween.. but as Texas usually plays its weather games, we were all sweating by the end of our walk! Both Addisyn and Tyler ended up in diapers only b/c their snuggly fleece costumes had gotten rather warm! It was truly a great Halloween with the family and friends!

Addi's First Halloween part 2