Sunday, August 30, 2009

Random Photos

Our Laptop has been out of commission for a while and I just now got it back (thank you Jeff Couch! You ROCK). However that didnt stop me from taking more photos and videos as usual of our precious little girl! She has so much personality now and talks non stop! Enjoy!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jennifer's new apartment

My best friend Jennifer just got her new place, its a great apartment with lots of character and I am so excited for her! She recently graduated with her RN, got a great job in the ER at Medical City of Dallas Hospital and now a great apartment to make new memories in! Last night all the girls came over to help her decorate and unpack/organize a few things, so of course pictures were taken! Addi has been teething so she wasn't the happiest camper,but she really did great with all the girls.. but her cranky face made it for the pictures!! For some reason when my friend found the 'timer' feature it messed with the camera settings, so the pictures are kinda dark, but still cute!

Papa and Addi get some one on one!

Papa B came to see his Addi this weekend and we really enjoyed the visit! Addi changes so much everyday and she showed Papa all her new tricks! Including some teething fun! However over all it was a great visit for him and Addi! Pictures and video attached!

Papa and the Boston Red Sox come to town!

This weekend the boys caught a baseball game at the Texas Rangers Stadium in Arlington. The stadium was packed full of fans and the guys got some great pictures. However a baseball game isnt fun unless you get into a lil trouble... apparently there are 'rail police' at the stadium.. the guys kept getting in trouble for putting their feet up on the rail!! They found it funny along with the two guys who kept dancing a few seats behind them like they were at a Rave.. who then got a lecture from a little old lady who came down to give them a peice of her mind! Oh the things you see at a ballpark!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Making her laugh....

Addi and I love a little show on qubo called 'Marvin the tap dancing horse' - everytime it comes on we just so happen to be playing on her activity mat and/or sitting in her bumbo seat. If any of you have seen this cartoon, its really cute, however it only takes seeing it once to get the song stuck in your head... so I was singing and dancing and making silly faces at her... she was laughing and staring at her goofy mommy, but it was the best! Now I know what they meant when they say you begin to be silly and funny all over again for your child! I am amazed at how happy she always is, and it makes me realize just how much we have to be happy and thankful for! She is the best!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Almost 3 months old!

Today I began to pull out Addi's 3 and 3-6 month clothes and had to put away some of her newborn/0-3 month outfits! Our little girl is growing so fast! She is too long for her newborn onesies, and not yet filing out her 3-3+ outfits... I can't believe how fast this has gone by but at the same time there is nothing more special than watching a child grow and change right before your eyes. She is truly the most precious thing in the world! She is really in to sittin on our knees facing away and watching the dogs walk around and loves when they come up for kisses! She is so alert to her surroundings and I can only imagine how fun she will be when she is crawling, walking and talking to these two dogs and her daddy! (who clearly stated the other day he is 'in trouble' as far as Addi goes, b/c he simply melts everytime she looks at him!)

Although she is growing I cant WAIT to see her in some of the cute outfits to come! Above are a couple of pictures from our day off with Phil today. When he is off on Sundsays we pretty much stay in our PJs and cuddle/play with her all day!Enjoy!

Addisyn's first 5k

Saturday August 1st a new Toll Bridge opened to create passage across lake lewisville. This is a big deal around here as those of us in Little Elm are always looking for the easier way to get to Hwy 35,Denton, Southlake, etc. In honor of this opening the city closed the road for one morning to have a 5k race. The turnout was amazing and the lake and bridge were really pretty! Addisyn accomplished her first 5k like a champ! She loved seeing the lake, all the other kids, dogs, etc. It was a rainy morning, but by the time we got there it cleared up nicely, but saved us from getting too hot!