Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Pictures

I havent been able to get on here as much as I'd like or I wouldnt be throwing these two subjects together, but Addi has been a busy cousin these past few weeks. We have attended her Cousin Cade's baseball game every weekend for the past few weeks and Addi is quite a fan of outdoors and sports she even wanted to be right up on the chain link fence to watch! However the majority of the photos are from our recent trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma to help out with Phil's brother Jeremy who recently had a fusion operation done on his cervical spine. He is recovering very well and it was really great to get to be there and help out around the house!I can't believe how much Ellia is growing into a beautiful little girl! Between Ellia, Izzy and Addi we have our work cut out for us.. Their dads will be chasing off boys in no time!
Addi enjoyed time with the family and couldnt stop watching her cousin Ellia or their dog Ebba.. We even put on her halloween costume for the family and took a couple of shots.. yes I know its not halloween, but did you expect me to just put her in this adorable costume only once? I dont think so! LOL She is growing so fast and it seems like we can never catch every moment fast enough...they are taking in so much at this age, its just fun to watch!! Anyhow, lots of pictures, enjoy!

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Burns Thornton said...

i miss Addi so much :( oh...and you guys too :)