Sunday, November 1, 2009

Addi's First Halloween

Addisyn had a GREAT first Halloween! My parents neighborhood had a 'Monster Mile" which consisted of a mile of the main road being blocked off and booths/activities/people in costumes handing out candy/ and settings to take pictures. Mom,Dad, Burns and our good friends Jeff and Whitney Couch and Todd and Katie Messerle were along for the fun! Jeff and Whitney's baby Tyler Nicholas is 9 weeks old and Todd and Katie have been blessed with triplets: Andrew, Matthew, and Claire. We had quite the group of strollers and of course the cutest babies in the neighborhood!

As it has been cold all week I assumed we would be enjoying a nice brisk Halloween.. but as Texas usually plays its weather games, we were all sweating by the end of our walk! Both Addisyn and Tyler ended up in diapers only b/c their snuggly fleece costumes had gotten rather warm! It was truly a great Halloween with the family and friends!

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