Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

We truly had a wonderful Christmas with our families this season. Addisyn was a blast throughout it all and we cant wait for a 100 more with her! I hope your holidays were as special as ours! Enjoy the pics! XOXO


The Pratt Family said...

Oh my goodness!! Your girls are so beautiful! I didn't know you'd had another baby!! Life gets so crazy busy that time seems to fly by!! Thanks for following my blog and I am thrilled that I get to keep up with you and your family now! Have a great new year!!


Burns Thornton said...

so glad i got to be a part of Addisyn's first WHITE christmas! love you guys xoxo

pkballard said...

Amy, we do just have ONE girl, the other beautiful babies you are seeing are our two nieces, Ellia and Isabella! Happy New Year, tell your family hi for me!