Friday, January 22, 2010

Its a rough life being so darn cute

I can't explain how much I see our little girl growing and changing each day. Her personality has become quite independent and curious. For awhile she wanted to be where we were, be held and was completley content sitting in our laps with a toy or just us... but oh how times have changed, just in the past few days we have noticed that all she wants to do is explore, crawl and find her own toys/things to entertain her. She doesnt want to hang out in our arms (tear) and she has all sorts of new serious inquiring facial expressions, as well as dance moves.. yeah she dances but of course as soon as I get the camera out, she forgets her moves.. go figure!It is really cute so I am still on a mission to catch it on camera! You will also notice her new nap position. This mornings nap was normal as any other day but i could hear her talking to her self... so i peaked in and at first I sorta panicked, b/c I could see her sitting in this weird position, and then I just laughed b/c I realized she had fallen asleep sitting up and apparently didnt care to lay down! too funny!

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