Monday, March 8, 2010

Uncle Burns 25th Birthday

Today is Burns 25th Birthday! I can't believe my little brother is getting so old! (ha ha did that just for your Burns!) I am so proud of him and I hope he knows how special he is to this family. He has an amazing heart, brilliant mind and priceless personality!

SOOOOOO to celebrate what else do the Thorntons do but cookout a massive feast of amazing food and invite the crew!!? Burns friends George, Amber and our friends Jeff, Whitney and Tyler came to enjoy Steak Fajitas, Stuffed Peppers, Whitney's amazing dip and Mom's awesome Cherry Cheesecake!!! We played Win, Lose or Draw and also played 'pass the babies!' Addisyn and Tyler were quite the hit as usual and we also had Bentley the morkie join us as well.. such a cute and well behaved dog!

Over all it was a great night with family and friends! Thank you mom and dad for always sharing your home with our friends, kids, dogs and memories!!! We are two lucky kiddos!

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