Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Change Change Change

Ok so once again, I'm not the best blogger, its been how long since my last blog post? I promise to get better, life just gets SO busy with the coolest toddler on earth living under YOUR roof! Where did I get so lucky/blessed! Addisyn is going 90 to nothing, talking in full sentences, learning new things everyday, coming up with her own expressions and responses which keep her daddy and I in awe/giggling more than we know what to do with!
I recently departed my job as Director at Eldorado Montessori. Myself, my assistant and 10 of the teachers have left the owner. enough said. I refuse to dwell anymore of my time/emotion on what happened there. I just miss the children and parents everyday, but I am blessed to have such supportive parents who have kept in touch via email and play dates regularly!
So what am I doing now? Well the Montessori Method is such a wonderful method in teaching children, one in which I give much credit to with Addi's development. So I thought to myself, I know the works, I know the pretense behind teaching.... with a few books, info and tools, I could do this at home with a small amount of children and Addi! Soo, thats what I am doing!! Ballard Home Academy began August 1, 2011 and I couldn't be happier! Its such a great experience and I seem to be learning everyday right along with the children! I am teaching Monday-Wednesday and the best part.. Im home with my favorite girl and then 4 days a week its our time and family time! Phil is enjoying us being home and happy 7 days a week! Please keep my new direction in your prayers!
Now, lets talk about the change change change I WANT... COOOLLER TEMPS! SHEESH! We have been from 98-113 since mid july everyday.. its just killing me. I think Im melting every time i check the mail! As a friend put it.. 'this weather makes me feel like God has a magnifying glass pointed at my forehead'

Happy Blogging!

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