Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Cheer.. and a few sleepy elves...

Christmas has come and gone and here we sit two days away from 2009... man time flies! Christmas Eve was mom's birthday, her wish was for everyone to be home, in their pajamas watching old movies and eating homemade soup all day... her wish is our command. She had blast, got some great presents, and we all spent the night for Christmas. One of these days regardless of how much she "doesnt want a big deal made of her birthday" I am going to give her what she deserves, maybe a fancy dinner and a day at the spa, or a night on the town... one day. She is the most amazing woman to me and everyday I pray I will be as smart, beautiful, and fun as she has been to me all my life. The same goes for my father!! They are the two most special people in my life, and I couldn't be where I am today without them.

Twas the night before christmas... and all through the house, all you could hear was BAILEY SNORING worse than my spouse!!!! OH it was awful. Not sure why this started, my mother will tell you its because she is in complete bliss at her grandmother's house, but I tell you I thought the house was vibrating... then joined in Phil... HILARIOUS! They were a symphony of snoring that I wouldnt trade for the world!

Christmas morning came and Dad made his famous Sausage Pinwheel Roll. Its amazing, sausage, green peppers, eggs, jalepenos, all rolled in a pinwheel in a large fresh yeast roll, then oven baked to perfected and topped your choice of cranberry sauce, raspberry jelly, or any other topping you'd like... Lets just say this was gone quicker than the upcoming pumpkin pie.. so good.

Grandmother was in town for the holidays, it was great to get quality time with her. She is truly a blast to be with. I think she enjoyed watching everyone and all the events take place more than anything.

Cody and the boys joined us for christmas day, however our two nephews were just a little too tired from being up at the crack of dawn for Santa! As the pictures will show, between Santa, Christmas dinner, and a few laps around the house with Uncle Phil.. these two were done.

All in all this day was as it should be. Not full of fancy gifts and suprises, but overflowing with family fun, memories, and three spoiled dogs. All under one roof! I think the only thing more we would have wanted was the Ballard family there with us! One day... we'll have all the Ballards in Texas with us... one day.. hee hee hee

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