Monday, February 23, 2009

27 weeks and counting!

The book officially told us tonight that my uterus is the size of a basketball.. WOW! and as the picture shows,basketball sounds about right !! Addisyn had a big day today when my girlfriend Whitney took me to lunch, at Chipotle, which means spicy mexican food. She was kicking and dancing up a storm in there, and her daddy is so proud to know his little girl loves Mexican food! She is going to fit right in! Its crazy how much changes in such a small amount of time. We have gone from tiny flutters and movements to all out kicks and turns.. its such an amazing experience. We cant wait to meet her and spoil her silly with love!

Our youngest pup, Hurley, had another paw incident... we have no clue how or why, but all the sudden last night phil looks down and his paw is gushing with blood. Once i got the bleeding under control to find the source we realized he had some how ripped his pinky nail/claw and some skin plum off. I think with how fast he runs and how rough he and bailey can play, he may have caught it just right on something. Anyhow, a few towels, neosporin, and gauze later, he had a cute little wrapped foot and was walking around the apartment like he just learned how to walk! This didnt stop him from still playing ball with Phil, his eyes are on that tennis ball like a hawk.

Phil and I are moving into a house March 21st.. and we couldnt be more excited..but of course you will have to wait until the next blog for those fun pictures and excitement! Until then...

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Burns Thornton said...

look at that belly!! you must be pregnant, you know what causes that right?! ha! LOVE YOU!