Monday, June 22, 2009

My Birthday/Father's Day weekend with Travis and Carrie

Friday was my 28th birthday and it couldn't have been better. It was so awesome to spend the day with my little girl. Phil suprised me with breakfast, special gifts and lunch with my parents before he headed to work. Once he went to work Addy and I joined my parents in some shopping and running around town. My best friend Jenny came to visit and then our good friends Travis & Carrie came into town! We had a great time hanging out and enjoying their 11 month old son Eli and introducing our little Addisyn to them for the first time... As you can tell Eli is already pretty fond of his little gal Addy, it was too cute! Father's day was fun with Travis and my father here for cookout that evening. The guys enjoyed cigars after we grilled brat-dogs and I made a homemade strawberry pie! It was a laid back weekend and we both enjoyed our time with Travis and Carrie... who got their first IKEA, ROCKFISH, and DICK'S experience all in one weekend!

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