Sunday, June 7, 2009

This past weekend Keba and Phil came for a visit. We had a nice relaxing afternoon and enjoyed their visit. They were able to get some great 'Addy time' and we enjoyed our time with them. Saturday morning we headed out to our nephew's last baseball game. He was a rockstar player and Addy had a blast in the bleachers with the family cheering on her cousin!!!

After the game we introduced Keba and Phil to ROCKFISH...if you have never eaten here we strongly suggest you find your nearest ROCKFISH asap! :) I am not afraid to say this Tops Jimmy Johns... yes Jeremy, its true! Uncle Burns met us for lunch and then spent the day with us at home to get some time with Addy. It was such a great visit with Keba and Phil and even better to have all the family together celebrating our little girl!

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