Sunday, August 2, 2009

Almost 3 months old!

Today I began to pull out Addi's 3 and 3-6 month clothes and had to put away some of her newborn/0-3 month outfits! Our little girl is growing so fast! She is too long for her newborn onesies, and not yet filing out her 3-3+ outfits... I can't believe how fast this has gone by but at the same time there is nothing more special than watching a child grow and change right before your eyes. She is truly the most precious thing in the world! She is really in to sittin on our knees facing away and watching the dogs walk around and loves when they come up for kisses! She is so alert to her surroundings and I can only imagine how fun she will be when she is crawling, walking and talking to these two dogs and her daddy! (who clearly stated the other day he is 'in trouble' as far as Addi goes, b/c he simply melts everytime she looks at him!)

Although she is growing I cant WAIT to see her in some of the cute outfits to come! Above are a couple of pictures from our day off with Phil today. When he is off on Sundsays we pretty much stay in our PJs and cuddle/play with her all day!Enjoy!

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